Audio Lessons For Equestrians

Enter Audio Lessons For Equestrians

We are all on the quest to become a better rider, trainer and friend to our horse.  We take lessons, attend clinics, read articles, watch videos, become members of online training sites, etc...  All great tools. Although when we are alone with our horse, sometimes it is hard to recall the information at the right moment.  It was all so clear when you were reading and watching but now you are out with your horse and you are drawing a blank... You decide you will have to look back at your notes, or watch that video again.

Audio lessons solve that particular issue.  They are unique in the respect that they offer you guidance at the time you need it most.  When you are with your horse. AND...

The cool part about audio lessons is that you work at your own pace, and on the pieces that mean the most to you and your horse. Pause, or rewind the lesson work on a specific exercise or tool. You can repeat the lesson days or weeks later, to refine and integrate it, until you are happy with your level of mastery.

What do you feel like working on today. Hmmmmm.... Pick out your audio lesson, pop in your earbuds, press play.    YAY! Easy, right!

We are all sick of screen time, audio lessons take care of that too.  Don't watch someone else work with their horse! Instead practice it on yours :)

As an instructor, there is a endless laundry list of things to work on with your students, and to cover them in a lesson or two a week is not possible.

Your instructor will appreciate it! Audio lessons fill in the blanks, they supplement a good lesson program allowing your instructor to focus on the key areas they see need addressing. Giving you a well rounded education

Some riders don't have access to an instructor, they live too far away, too much money, not enough time, etc...

Audio lessons can be listened to when you drive to work or the barn, then you can re-listen as you ride. The instruction is there whenever you want it, at the touch of a button.

Audio Lessons are another tool in our toolbox.  The more tools we have the more we can do.

Be a better rider, trainer, and friend to your horse!  Your Horse Deserves It!



Happy Riding! ~ Paula


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