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Jack & Paula Curtis Help You Hone The SkillsConfidence & Safety Necessary For A Successful Trail Experience

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Jack and Paula Curtis offer quality horsemanship instruction to equestrians riding the Big South Fork.

Schedule a lesson or small group clinic with us any day of the week to prepare for the trails here in the Big South Fork. From 1-25 people, we work with a variety of group sizes, and offer discounts for clubs.

Using proven techniques developed over a lifetime of teaching and training, we help you and your horse find the skills, confidence, and safety necessary when riding into the deep wilderness. 

Join us here in Pall Mall, with our round pen, covered arena and miles of trails, we will develop your horsemanship and skills to set you and your horse up for success.

"This was fantastic, I can't believe the difference in my horses, and myself. A perfect way to start our horse vacation here in the Big South Fork."

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Jack Curtis ~ 920.645.1671.  

Paula Curtis ~ 262.323.1102

 Email: [email protected]

We look forward to helping you have a fun, safe, and confidence-building trip here in the Big South Fork!


Want a different kind of clinic? Quality horsemanship in; dressage, pole-work, groundwork, obstacle, barrel racing, cow working, and more!


We have lived and taught all over the United States, but in Jamestown TN, with all of the amazing trails in the Big South Fork, and all of the lovely people in the area, we know we have found home. A great place to enjoy our horses and raise our kids.

We would love to meet you, and your horses, and learn more about your dreams and goals.

We can help you progress faster, create a better relationship, and find more enjoyment no matter what type of horse you own or discipline you ride.
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Traveling to your place OR visit us here in Pall Mall, TN

Since 1994 we have been offering training, lessons, and clinics. Our passion has always been quality horsemanship no matter what discipline, this has led to many travels around the country teaching horsemanship clinics and presenting at horse expos and fairs.

The importance of getting out on the trails to improve your horse's mental attitude and your riding skills has always been a focus of ours. With horsemanship as the cornerstone, our skillset is quite varied.

We worked on a cattle ranch, had a colt starting company in AZ, a learning center in WI, did NBHA world championship barrel racing, trained gaited horses, mules and donkeys, competed in hunter/jumpers, 3-day eventing, and through Prix St. George in dressage.

We believe learning should be fun!

Check out our videos below.

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Here Jack is working with a young 5 yr. warmblood mare, and demonstrates some of the groundwork skills he would like to see a young horse do before riding.

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Here is an excerpt from a recent clinic with Jack. Some little gems, and ideas you can apply with your horse to successfully trail ride.

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In this riding exercise, Jack Curtis shows you how to add variety to your circle work, by riding numerous transitions, and changes of direction, utilizing cones to have clarity in what you are asking for. You will find a lighter more responsive horse at the end of your session.

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Paula Curtis talks you through a ride... What to do when your horse gets spooked! I went out on Halloween to video a stretching exercise, and my horse got SPOOKED Instead.

Video Poster Image

Do you ever have your horse pull on you to get a bite of grass? Would you like for your horse to only graze when you ask him to? Jack will show you how to graze your horse in a way that teaches him not to pull.

Video Poster Image

Find a more stable and secure position when riding your horse, with a simple exercise you can do at the walk, trot, and canter. This will help you post the trot, sit the trot, and ride the canter with flow balance and ease.

Video Poster Image

In this video, Jack Curtis takes you through the steps of how to make it your horse's idea to move forward and make easy transitions. He will explain rider position, preparation, using our core, rhythm, tempo, and more!

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DISCOVER WHY You Bounce When You Ride! When you know why, it helps you find out how to stop bouncing..

We believe learning should be fun! Come take a lesson, or join in on one of our clinics.

Trail: From trail preparedness in the arena to advanced trail riding techniques and skills out on the trail, you will feel the confidence that comes with knowing you are prepared.

Obstacle: Use proven techniques that help you and your horse gain newfound skills and trust in one another all while having fun!

Ridden Stretching: Ever struggle to find your perfect position and time your aids just right?  Based on Paula's #1 bestselling book, you will learn how easy it can be to find a balanced effortless ride both you and your horse will appreciate.

Pole work: Both you and your horse will come away from this feeling accomplished!  The balance, timing and feel that can come from focused pole work is astonishing, and best of all is how enjoyable it is to do it!

Dressage Done Naturally: True collection and engagement does NOT come from endless circles. Learn new and creative ways to get your horse to willingly offer the beautiful movement you know is inside of him. Creating a willing, playful, balanced partner, no matter the type of saddle you ride in.

Foundations: Finesse your groundwork and under-saddle work and achieve the next level of lightness. Whether you are already competing at a high level, or are just starting your horse from the ground. Going back to basics can unlock your next level of performance.

Advancing: Sidepassing, half-passing, flying lead changes and more.  We will share the exercises both in-hand and under saddle that will be of greatest benefit to you and your horse.

Jumping Done Naturally: Feel the amazing feeling of your horse seeking out his next jump, as you use his natural curiosity and eagerness to create the willing jumping partner you dream of.  Horsemanship and jumping go hand in hand, and we are excited to show you how.

Cow Working: Working cattle can improve our horsemanship in unexpected ways.  In this fun clinic we explain horse training concepts through cow working.

Gymkhana Games For All: Ridden games on horseback, such as pole bending, barrel racing, flag racing, and more, can help us learn to loosen up and ride like a kid again. 

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