We have relocated!

Now offering lessons and training in Jamestown, TN.

We are available here at our farm.


 $100 private lesson.

$ 75  Semi-Private

The rates listed are for Jamestown, TN location. 

Contact us about a custom training program for you and your horses including; tune up’s, trail preparedness, problem horses, and colt starting.

We can even help keep your horse fit and trail-ready, so that when it is time to hit the trail, he is ready to take you down it with ease. 

Jamestown TN Location

We believe learning should be fun for both horses and humans!


No matter your skill, discipline, or goals, we are here to help you connect with your horse in brand new ways, so you can feel the confidence that comes from knowing you are prepared.


Email: [email protected]

Jack : 920-645-1671

Paula: 262-323-1102


Video Lessons – Take lessons from anywhere in the world!


It can be tough to find quality instruction nearby… Then you have to schedule it in, the time it takes to load up the trailer, drive, take the lesson, and drive back home.  PLUS it can be difficult to remember everything covered in the lesson.

Virtual lessons solve these problems and more.  They are a wonderful way to supplement your current lesson program, offering you additional support between lessons and clinics.

Quality Instruction

Without having to leave home!  Plus, you have a video to go back and review, allowing you to review, and perfect the concepts.

Video Anything

Groundwork, riding, a class at a horseshow, a recent clinic, or even a lesson.  Get a different perspective, and have any questions answered, plus exercises, and homework to keep you going.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy the feeling of being supported in between clinics and lessons, knowing you are working on the right things.


How does this work??

Super simple ~ Upload your video to a video hosting site. Submit it using our Google form. https://forms.gle/hg2MdnMjfEjyfoWd6 Videos should be approximately 5-10 minutes long. Be sure to include any questions you might be having, and they will be addressed in our video response.

We will watch the video and record a voice-over coaching you and giving you ideas for how to improve your riding and training. 

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