When Jack and I began our relationship back in 1994, we had no idea the adventure we were in for!  Way back then we started our first horsemanship program: "Starting The Language" 

Now we offer; online courses, an online horse fair, clinics, and more.

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We would like to invite you to come to join us for some fun, learning, and inspiration!

If you would like to schedule a lesson day or clinic with us, please reach out and we can discuss details.

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We believe learning should be fun!


Chose from the clinic topics below, or talk with us about a custom combination for your group.

Trail: From trail preparedness in the arena to advanced trail riding techniques and skills out on the trail, you will feel the confidence that comes with knowing you are prepared.

2:1 Two days of Jack working with your horse, and one day with you: Watch and learn as Jack works with each horse exclusively for the 1st two days, on the last day you put it into practice yourself. Enjoy a small group, or private session on day 3, with Jack and feel the improvement yourself! 

Obstacle: Use proven techniques that help you and your horse gain newfound skills and trust in one another all while having fun!

Ridden Stretching: Ever struggle to find your perfect position and time your aids just right?  Based on Paula's #1 bestselling book, you will learn how easy it can be to find a balanced effortless ride both you and your horse will appreciate.

Pole work: Both you and your horse will both come away from this clinic feeling accomplished!  The balance, timing and feel that can come from focused polework is astonishing, and best of all is how enjoyable it is to do it!

Dressage Done Naturally: True collection and engagement does NOT come from endless circles. Learn new and creative ways to get your horse to willingly offer the beautiful movement you know is inside of him. Creating a willing, playful, balanced partner, no matter the type of saddle you ride in.

Foundations: Finesse your groundwork and under-saddle work and achieve the next level of lightness. Whether you are already competing at a high level, or are just starting your horse from the ground. Going back to basics can unlock your next level of performance.

Advancing: Sidepassing, half-passing, flying lead changes and more.  We will share the exercises both in-hand and under saddle that will be of greatest benefit to you and your horse.

Jumping Done Naturally: Feel the amazing feeling of your horse seeking out his next jump, as you use his natural curiosity and eagerness to create the willing jumping partner you dream of.  Horsemanship and jumping go hand in hand, and we are excited to show you how.

Cow Working: Working cattle can improve our horsemanship in unexpected ways.  In this fun clinic we explain horse training concepts through cow working.

Gymkhana Games For All: Ridden games on horseback, such as pole bending, barrel racing, flag racing, and more, can help us learn to loosen up and ride like a kid again. 

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and brush up on some of the concepts that will be covered in the clinics.

The Aids Simplified

Practice Self Discipline vs Horse Discipline