A Puppy... A Horse...

training Jan 21, 2019

Have you heard my story about the Christmas Horse???

Well, this Christmas we got our kids a Christmas puppy.

His name is Buster and he arrived in a box at the back door.  He was instantly part...

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The Foundation ~ The Most Important Part

philosophy training Jan 06, 2019

When you get it right in the preparation, the rest takes care of itself.  This concept applies 100% of the time when working with and around horses.  You set things up, get them to...

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Sometimes when doing groundwork with our horses, we utilize lunging.

Lunging can be used to help; the horse yield to pressure, develop carrying power and engagement of the hindquarters, condition...

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Audio Lessons For Equestrians

training Dec 23, 2018

Enter Audio Lessons For Equestrians

We are all on the quest to become a better rider, trainer and friend to our horse.  We take lessons, attend clinics, read articles, watch videos, become...

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Without the Mind There is Nothing

philosophy training Dec 16, 2018

"Direct the Mind and the Body will Follow."

Now that we have the horses attention, we can do something with it!

First, we need to be able to direct his attention.  Ask him to look at various...

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Horsemanship. Simplified.

philosophy Dec 02, 2018

We love to help people learn about their horses.  Why they do the things they do, what motivates them, how do they see the world.  In bettering your understanding of your horse, you can...

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Basic Ground School

We view any handling or interaction on the ground as ground school.  This includes daily handling during feeding, turning out, catching, grooming etc.  

It is important that daily...

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