Basic Ground School

We view any handling or interaction on the ground as ground school.  This includes daily handling during feeding, turning out, catching, grooming etc.  

It is important that daily handling of the horse is consistent with the training of the horse.  i.e. A horse should not be dragged from the paddock to his box stall, he should lead up with a float in the lead rope.  He should also be courteous of the human's space, and quiet. It is essential that the horse is handled correctly always.  If during the daily routine he is handled one way and during his training, he is handled another, it can be very difficult for him to decipher what is expected of him.

A person must take the time during daily handling to help the horse understand what is expected of him. Utilizing teachable moments as they arise, in a tactful and meaningful way.  He will then become confident in what is expected of him because he understands our clearly communicated intent. Because the human is teaching appropriate behavior in the little things, it is unlikely that the horse will learn bad habits that will lead to inappropriate behavior.

This sort of handling builds a horse that is calm, curious, and confident.

Happy Riding! ~ Paula


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