Horsemanship. Simplified.

We love to help people learn about their horses.  Why they do the things they do, what motivates them, how do they see the world.  In bettering your understanding of your horse, you can make observations, allowing you to be a better owner, trainer, and friend to your equine partner.

Steady. Confident. Well Mannered. That comes from US!

Both Jack and I (Paula) want to make the world a better place. Horses have always been our passion, and we want to share it with you. Horses bring us back to the moment, making it necessary to be present. In learning to work with them through feel, they teach us about ourselves.  A fusion of concepts on life applied to the horse, making us better people on the way. The ultimate goal is improving ourselves.

Better People. Better Horses. Better Life!!

Happy Riding! ~ Paula


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