The Foundation ~ The Most Important Part


When you get it right in the preparation, the rest takes care of itself.  This concept applies 100% of the time when working with and around horses.  You set things up, get them to understand what to do, and then slowly build on their understanding.

The feel we present in the saddle is familiar because it is a continuation of the feel we have been presenting on the ground.

Using the halter in the first few rides, makes for an easy transition. Through our previous groundwork the horse has learned what the pressure of the halter means, therefore, it is very easy for him to understand our intentions.  This offers the horse the clarity necessary to be able to interpret what we are suggesting.

By making it uncomfortable for the horse to stay in one place, we make the right thing (movement) easy.  Once the horse begins moving we harmonize and become one with the horse.

Let us know what you think of Felix's first ride!

"We must be able to direct his attention, bring his life up, and set it back down."

"Work with the horse's mind and the body will follow."

"We set the horse up for success, and he becomes proud in his work and confident in what we ask. He finds a friend in the human."

"Keep the horse calm confident and curious."

"Horse needs to look to the human for comfort, and be aware of our intentions."

Happy Riding! ~ Paula




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