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Jack & Paula Curtis

Creating Connection, Unity, Partnership, and Understanding 

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We believe in challenging the status quo.

By thinking differently. Observing and Understanding the Horse.

We Challenge YOU to be your own trainer. And become a student of the horse.

We have teamed up with leading experts in the industry, sharing with you their top lessons.

Keying you into what to look and feel for.

BE the BEST YOU For Your Horse!Your Horse Deserves It! 


Empowering YOU to Achieve More

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A Profound Result In Your Training

Requires A Profound Change In Your Approach... 

We have been teaching since 1994, and we have learned that by incorporating video lessons, audio lessons,  as well as online courses, and learning from other industry professionals has great benefit to our students.

Our courses, like Ordinary Courses and Online Programs, we have Videos... 

...BUT...Our Courses are VASTLY DIFFERENT...

We give you AUDIO LESSONS that Fast Track your way to Mastering your Horsemanship FASTER and EASIER than EVER before! 

With a Coach On Your Shoulder, Watch Your  Skills EXPLODE...

Find Inspiration, Clarity, Confidence and Fulfillment as you Achieve Your Goals.

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Connect with your horse ~Find Harmony 

Lessons that not only help you with your horse, but will spill over into your life.

Practice Self Discipline vs Horse Discipline