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Jack & Paula Curtis Horsemanship


Create Connection, Unity, Partnership And Understanding.

A Profound Result In Your Training

Requires A Profound Change In Your Approach...

Yes, Like Ordinary Courses and Programs we have Videos... 

...BUT...Our Courses are VASTLY DIFFERENT...

We give you AUDIO LESSONS that Fast Track your way to Mastering your Horsemanship FASTER and EASIER than EVER before! 

With a Coach On Your Shoulder, Watch Your Riding Skills EXPLODE...

Find Inspiration, Clarity, Confidence and Fulfillment as you Achieve Your Goals.

Our Online Courses And Programs

Take You To The Next Level In Your Ride

Monthly Lesson Program $47.97

Progress in a fun, motivating environment without the stress of knowing what to do and focus on in your next ride.

Be Motivated With A Plan.

Increase Your Feel.

Gain understanding.

Improve Your Connection.

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Free Canter Workshop

Do you yearn to master the canter without frustration and struggle.

Even if... you have fear...

Even If... you have limited time...

Even If...you OR your horse have not yet cantered…OR  even if your riding a school horse at your local stable.

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Stretch To Connect

A Ridden Stretching Course That gives you way more than just stretching.

Let go of Fear, Tension, Anxiety.

Center, Find Flow & Relaxation.

Increase In The Saddle Flexibility.

Connect With Your Horse In Ways You had Not Yet Before.

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Perfect Circles Course

Fun Exercises to Help You Take your mind numbing, endless  boring and repetitive circles...

Instead make fun and interesting, creating participation, and interest from your horse.

Perfect Circles Course Click Here!

Supercharged Starter Lesson Package

A variety of lessons aimed at giving you a sample of what we have to offer.

From finding your best position, to exercises to connect you with your horse.

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Smart Riders Success Blueprint

Your Goals ARE Within Your Grasp!

Reach Your Dreams AND Love Getting There. 

In This 5 Week Course Paula Takes You Through The Necessary Steps To Reach Your Long and Short Term Goals!

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We believe in challenging the status quo. 

By thinking differently. 
Observing and Understanding the Horse. 

We Challenge YOU to be your own trainer. 
And become a student of the horse. 

With Audio Lessons to listen to while you are with your horse.
Keying you into what to look and feel for.
BE the BEST YOU For Your Horse!
Your Horse Deserves It!

Empowering YOU to Achieve More

Try Our Online Lesson Program, $47.97 per month

Lessons On Horsemanship

To Be The Best You

With Jack and Paula Curtis


Do You Have A... Because Of The Horse... Story You Are Willing To Share In The Upcoming Book? 

One about the profound impact horses have had in your life?

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 Video Trainings In Your Inbox!

Horsemanship Simplified

Connect with your horse ~Find Harmony 

Lessons that not only help you with your horse, but will spill over into your life.

"Practice Self Discipline vs Horse Discipline"


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