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Lessons Like... Discover The Power Of Riding Your Horses Mind

  • 3 Simple Tricks For Better Hands
  • How To Apply Your Aids
  • Simple Techniques To Find Your Best Seat
  • A Horse That's Foot Perfect
  • AND MORE! 

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1) Video

First watch the video for the exercise.

No matter your skill level...  
Jack and Paula Curtis inspire by giving you exclusive, easy to follow, systematic methods.
Experts that have been training and coaching multiple disciplines in the equestrian industry for the last two and a half decades.
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If you want to MASTER Amazing Horsemanship Skills...
AUDIO LESSONS are the ONLY answer!
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You know what they say about practice...

If it's not perfect, or damn near...

You are only creating habits, patterns, and neuropathways, that will do you no good.

As a matter of fact they will do you harm.

Repetition like this can lead to lameness... 

A dull, mechanical ride with your horse going around like a robot...

Don't you think it's maybe time to practice a different way? Small tweaks can yield immeasurable results.

Change the trajectory of your ride forever.

With exercises that create relationship with your horse that you always wanted!

For a Small Investment of $197.00

  • Learn the What, Why, And How behind training techniques and concepts.
  • A Multitude of FUN Exercises to Stimulate, Inspire, and Motivate.
  • A Comprehensive Plan to Dramatically Improve Your Position, Communication, and Lightness. Creating the Effortless Ride you Long For.

ONLY $197.97!

Imagine what you spend on supplements, blankets, lessons, and VET Bills...

 What if you don't even try it!?! AND spend the next year stuck, and stagnant, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

I think that is called insanity, RIGHT?

That's why I'm Practically GIVING you the Step By Step Exercises that I use with my students. Lessons that YOU can EASILY employ.

Techniques that rapidly lead you towards YOUR success.

Lessons to listen to while you are with your horse and riding.

Lessons You can listen to in the car.

Lessons that allow you to actually have a more time… the confidence that comes from reaching your goals… setting newer and bigger goals... and letting your jealous friends think you must just be a natural… ;) 

Understand the nuts and bolts of riding and training. Learn the What, Why, and How.

Imagine how much you spend on a lesson, or clinic, OR even a blanket, a saddle, or a bridle.

 Give it a try and if for any reason you are not happy we will refund your money. Guaranteed. 30 whole days Risk Free!!

Have the confidence in yourself and the process so you KNOW you can DO IT!

Methods you effortlessly absorb as you apply them, by using our exceedingly effective program. 

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Audio Lessons ~ MASTER Amazing Horsemanship Skills FASTER and EASIER Then EVER Before!

Supercharged Starter Pack

A variety of lessons that create the connection you long for, without the mindless, repetitive training you and your horse dread.

Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy we have a money back guarantee. 


Going around and around in sheer boredom... 

Attempting to fake the brilliance and balance only an enthusiastically performing horse can offer.

Sessions Lacking motivation, lightness, and engagement. (not to mention lacking fun!)

In this Course It's As Easy As 1.  2.  3.  

Pick a Lesson, go have fun, accomplish what you set out to do!

Stop Thinking and Start Doing!

I Am Ready To Take Action!
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"Practice Self Discipline vs Horse Discipline"




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