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Believe in Challenging YOUR status quo. 

Think differently. 
I challenge YOU to be in charge of your future. 

I will key you into the important pieces to implement to

Only YOU can create the future of your dreams.

The question is.

Are You willing to invest in it???

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A 5 Week Course

Setting you up for success.

What if you were just a few short steps from reaching your goals? AND What if you didn't even realize it!?!

What if you spend the next year stuck, and stagnant, underestimating your own innate abilities. Afraid to really step up to the plate and reach for your dreams!???

Imagine instead, being excited about achieving the almost unimaginable. Knowing you are using proven strategies, and techniques that propel you towards success in the coming weeks and year/s. 

That's why I'm GIVING you the SYSTEMS that top pro athletes and trainers use to create a roadmap that you can easily employ.

Techniques that rapidly lead you towards YOUR success in just 5 short weeks.

So you can actually have a more time… the confidence that comes from reaching your goals… setting newer and bigger goals... and letting your jealous friends think you must just be a natural… ;) 

With this proven step by step game plan, I can help you attain your goals.

Make a commitment to yourself, and invest in YOU! It is well known that when you make a monetary investment in yourself you have a far greater chance of doing the hard work necessary to reach your goals.

Achieve MORE of your goals this single year than you have in your last 5 years combined.

Have the confidence in yourself and the process so you KNOW you can DO IT!

Use the same techniques many other equestrian and non-equestrian pros whose extraordinary mindsets and methods you effortlessly absorb, clone and channel in this exceedingly effective new program.

Welcome to YOUR Path to Success! You are a SMART rider, and what sets you apart is that you have goals AND know the best way to reach them is by having a plan.

 This course is designed to help you define and set up your path towards reaching your goals.  In the act of watching the videos and filling out this blueprint, you will set your intentions for the upcoming months, and years, putting you on the road to reaching your goals.

 Sometimes goals can seem unattainable and we can go from month to month hoping to reach them, or not even setting them because we are not sure how to get there.

 I have spent my entire career helping my students reach their goals. I have helped them reach local, regional, and national titles in disciplines ranging from jumpers, dressage, gymkhana, western, and other events.  During this time, I have realized the importance of goal-setting, and then breaking down the goals into bite size bits. One of the first questions I ask my students is, what are your short term and long-term goals, and do you have a plan?  The reason I ask this question is that I know to succeed you must be able to have clear goals and then a plan.

Oftentimes, I have to help students answer both of these questions, but once we do. WOW! We get results.


At the age of 15 when I wanted to go to the world championships on my barrel racing horse. My parents could not afford to get me there. Instead of saying “oh well” I guess It is not happening. I formulated a plan. We had a boarding farm, so I upped my lesson program.  I also began a summer camp for kids, with Jack (my now husband) and we had a profitable summer with our “Starting the Language” horsemanship weeks. (which we still have at our farm today) Because of that goal, and the plan I created to reach it, I have not had to find a “job.” Instead I have been doing what I love ever since, helping people understand horses and find successes big and small with them.

So you never know where the path towards a goal will lead!


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"Practice Self Discipline vs Horse Discipline"

SMART Riders Success Blueprint.

A tried and proven roadmap to help you create an actionable plan to help you reach your goals and love getting there. Use this guide to help you change your mindset and reach your goals. Accessing the powers of of both conscious and subconscious to get you there.

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